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How do you start using the Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS Metals Analyzer?

Watch the video to see the start-up process for the Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS.

HubSpot Video
  • Open battery door at the base of the handle and insert Li-ION Battery into the handle of the analyzer and close the door
  • Press the center button on the keypad to power on the analyzer
  • Initial start-up takes about 30 seconds
  • On the login screen, you will see a battery indicator letting you know how much charge is left in your battery.
  • On the login screen, you may also see a red triangle. This red triangle lets you know that the laser is still warming up and is not ready for analysis.
  • To log in, you can tap the touchscreen or hit the center button on the keypad.
  • Using the touchscreen or keypad (arrows and center button), enter "144" and hit the green checkmark on the touchscreen or center button on the keypad to log in.
  • From here, go to your "settings" menu by pressing the "hamburger" menu icon on the touchscreen or keypad. Select "settings" and then "instrument setup" from the menu.
  • From here, you can set your "Date and Time", "Language", "Quick Launch Keys", and "Window Cleaning Reminder"
  • Before beginning to test your metals with the KT-100S, it is recommended that you do a system check to ensure the analyzer is working as expected. To do this, head to the first menu and select "System Check". Place your check sample (KT-100S comes with a dual check sample of SS 316 and Al 7075) in front of the laser window, pull the trigger once to move past the laser warning screen, then pull the trigger again and let go to test the check sample.
  • If the system is working properly, you will see a pass screen with the alloy grade of the check sample and a match quality number. You are now ready to start testing your metals.
  • If the system check fails, use one of your cleaning swabs and try the system check again.
  • If the system check fails a second time, contact the support team at Metal Analysis Group to help you troubleshoot the problem.