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How do I operate the menu and settings of the Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS Metals Analyzer?

Watch the video to learn how to navigate the menu and settings of the Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS.

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Main Menu Features

Feature Enables you to...
  • Identify unknown metals and alloys.
  • Match analysis results to current alloy grade specifications library.
  • Take a measurement.
View Results
  • View results records in several viewing formats sorted by result number, date, or date ranges.
  • Configure results
  • Set up analyzer interface and security defaults.
  • Enable features and communications.
  • View analyzer serial number and software version number.
System Check
  • Verify that the analyzer is operating correctly.
Log out
  • Put the analyzer into security mode. All users must log in before using the analyzer again.
Power Off
  • Shut down and power off the analyzer.


Common On-Screen Icons

Icon Name/Type Description
image-1 Power Off
  • Available only from the Enter Passcode screen and Main menu.
  • Shuts down analyzer software.
  • Powers the analyzer off.
  • Confirms current action.
  • Cancels current action.
Main Menu
  • Cancels the current selection or operation.
  • Shows the Main Menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Provides access to analyzer features.
  • Let’s users initiate the standard power-off sequence.
  • Returns to the previous screen.
image Instrument Status
  • Displays the analyzer’s serial number, unique ID number, software version, internal temperature, and Rigaku Analytical Devices Customer Service Phone Number.
Extended Screen Icon Extended Screen
  • Indicates that you can view hidden sections of the current screen.
  • The number of icon items shows the number of available sections.
  • The visible section is filled.
  • Hidden sections are empty.
  • Press left/right hard buttons to view hidden sections.
123, or, abc, or ABC Soft key
  • Allows users to use on-screen keypad or keyboards for entering numbers and letters into text entry fields.
Related Screen
  • Indicates that a setting, entry, or information screen is available.
  • To view related screens when the control is present, either:
    • Select item or icon.
    • Press Arrow hard buttons.
Keyboard Soft Button
  • Allows users to select different on-screen keyboard types for entering data.
Camera Icon Camera
  • Indicates that an image can be added to a result or results records.
  • Indicates that a barcode can be scanned to enter information.
  • Used to generate average result.


Settings Menu Features

Feature Enables you to...
Results Settings
  • Adjust Naming Convention for Samples
  • Adjust Alloy Match Criteria
  • Adjust Number of Grade Matches
  • Display N/A Elements
  • Adjust Cal Factors
  • Adjust File Tag
Instrument Setup
  • Adjust Date and Time
  • Adjust Language
  • Setup Quick Launch Keys
  • Adjust Window Cleaning Reminder
  • View the Calibration Status
  • Remove All Results
  • View USB Connection
  • Turn On/Off Wifi
  • Select Network
  • Bluetooth managed by Service Personnel
Instrument Status

For viewing and informational purposes only:

  • Serial Number
  • Unique ID
  • Customer Service Phone Number
  • TEC (Temperature of laser diode subsystem)
  • Library/Calibration Version
  • Software Version
  • Spectrometer Firmware Version